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UKElsteel UK Ltd
Att: Richard Pye
Off Davy Way, Llay Industrial Estate
Llay, Wrexham,
LL12 0PG United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 197 885 5909
Fax: +44 197 885 5824
RS Components LtdNTI Gmbh
Att: Mr. Christy Hall
PO Box 99, Corby
Northamtonshire NN17 9RS
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 153 620 1234
Fax: +44 153 620 1501

Modular Enclosures

Techno module light - Or DB2 as we also call it designed for

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Fully Welded

Wall mounting and floor standings - all sizes

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19" Super Frame

Cabinets fulfill all your high-tech requirements

View 19" Super Frame

Special Enclosures

When conditions call for a unique and tailor made solution!

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Why Elsteel?


Elsteel is a one stop supplier for all low voltage enclosures. From the smallest terminal box to the largest distribution boards and motor control centers!

Being one of the most modern players in the market...


Reduce CO2


Environment friendly panel technology at Elsteel.

Reduction of energy used and CO2 Released into our environment is a big issue for Elsteel when designing sustainable solutions for



Charity in 2019

Charity in 2019

Our major charity project in 2019 was to build a nursery in a rural area in the North Western part of Sri Lanka

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Assembly Videos


Check out these assembly clips that show how quick and easy it is to build panel boards with Techno Module!